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 [가동종료]유키미 시구레 via at 11:26:31, Oct 20 (Wed)
"천만해요. 좀 섭섭할 뿐입니다."#Uki
 [가동종료]유키미 시구레 via at 10:26:01, Oct 20 (Wed)
 Hajae via Twitter for Android at 09:31:02, Oct 20 (Wed)
RT @uki_app: Jeno is so cool and handsome that no one can resist his charm. Uki thinks he will become an excellent singer.👏 LEE JENO THANK…
 [가동종료]유키미 시구레 via at 09:26:12, Oct 20 (Wed)
"구렌님. 주인을 보호해야하는 저희가 거꾸로 주인의 보호를 받다니..." #Uki
 [가동종료]유키미 시구레 via at 08:25:56, Oct 20 (Wed)
"...예. 어리석게도 얕봤습니다."#Uki
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